Magic Wand Chameleon Eyeshadow Flakes

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Magic Wand Chameleon Flakes have a Black/Green/Pink shift

Chameleon Flakes are a soft and very thin flake with amazing and unique colors shifts, and are a great alternative to glitter.


Best applied with the finger over a sticky base or fixative.

Apply a small amount of a sticky adhesive base, allow it to become tacky and dab or pat the flakes on top of the fixative.

Chameleon Flakes are approved for use in the eye area, but due to the larger flake size we recommend caution and care when using around the eyes.

✨.20 gr. in a 5 gram jar Please use caution when opening, Chameleon flakes are very light and fluffy and can easily become airborn!

✨Jars are filled by weight, not volume. Contents may settle.


Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide, Silica, Aluminum, Zinc Oxide